New custom homes for sale in Dayton Nevada

Geneva Financial

Rebecca Gardner, Loan Officer

NMLS # 226939

152 Highway 50 Suite 2

Stateline, Nv. 89449;


We will work with the lender of your choice. Here is how it works:


1. You and the real estate agent will estimate your down payment and borrowing needs and select an appropriate home and options.

2. You contact your loan officer (L.O.) for a pre-qualified.

3. You and RPD sign a purchase contract.

4. You will deposit $1,000 with the escrow company as your earnest money deposit and provide proof of available funds.

5. The escrow agent will give you a preliminary title report.

6. You L.O. will collect data and start underwriting your loan.

7. You and RPD select a closing date.

8. Prior to the closing date, you deposit the balance of your down payment and closing costs into escrow.

9. On the closing date, the lender will fund the loan into escrow and the deed from RPD to you will record.

10. After loan closing, you may begin moving in.


Some things to consider ...


• You can get an FHA loan with a small down payment

• You can get a VA loan with practically no down payment

• Farm Home loans are available with practically low down payments

• Your purchase can be contingent on the sale of your previous home

• Some credit problems can be fixed, so discuss them with your L.O.

• Not all lenders have the same standards.  Don't get discouraged

• With a credit score of at least 720, borrowing will be easier

• Borrow less than 36% of your combined monthly income

• Its OK to have a new job, but the longer you have worked in your profession, the better

• You don't have to finance the construction. RPD will do that

• It takes about 3 months from start to finish to build your home.

• You can select your finish materials and upgrades with a non refundable deposit.

• All new homes have a 1 year builder's warranty

• Only new components are used in all our homes

•All our homes adhere to the newest Lyon County Building Codes