New custom homes for sale in Dayton Nevada

Put the finishing touch on your  home.

For more than 50 years, Sherwin-Williams has developed quality paints and gorgeous colors to both protect and beautify homes. Today, we're delighted to help you choose the perfect look for yours.


Sherwin-Williams is proud to bring you HomeScapes'" Signature Colors-an exclusive collection of color schemes that makes it easy to select an attractive color combination for your home.


Simply browse through these designer-coordinated color schemes to find one that fits your personal style. Then choose with confidence, knowing the results will be exactly what you've always wanted-a house that you're proud to call home.



1 Macadamia

2 Useful grey

3 Softer tan

4 Sandbar

5. Casa blanca

6 favorite tan

11 Khaki shade

7 Cityscape


12 Cardboard

3A Hardware

8 Cobble Brown

9 Simplify Beige

10 Tamarind

We have prepared these color packages as our standard choices.  Custom colors are an alternative option.

Important: Please read about granite:

Granite is natural and has flaws which cannot be removed.